What Is Involved In A Stag Do Event?

The terminology bachelor, stag party or stag do ideas tends to conjure up visions of naked women entertaining the prospective groom by stripping. This is not always the case. Not all men are comfortable with the notions of spending their “last night of freedom” watching other women, with their male friends, remove their clothes,or give them a “lap dance”.

It is becoming more fashionable these days to have the entertainment come to the party, rather than to go to a “strip club” Renting a hotel room and supplying your own alcoholic beverages may end up being cheaper than the former idea. You are in control, and you do not have to drink overpriced drinks.


Another option is to pile up in the car and take a weekend to a distant or not so distant location, like Vegas or Graceland, to enjoy yourself away from home. There are plenty of stag do games that can be playedin a stag party, from the sublime to the ridiculous;
2.Jello wrestling
3. Various card games
4. Games with the intention of ridiculing the groom to be
5. Oil wrestling


If the groom to be is more of an outdoorsy type, perhaps a hunting trip would be more up his alley as a location for a stag party. A place with no women around and a communing with nature might be what he wants to focus himself the night before he is wed. Getting married IS a life altering event, and admittedly not all men are completely prepared for it.
Will a stag event prepare a man for matrimony? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it will give him thechance to “blow off steam”before he walks down the aisle with his bride.


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